The Merciful Love Connection

In collaboration with the refuge of mercy, the merciful love connection helps adolescent mothers embrace life with their child




The United Nations has determined that the difference between a good and bad life for a child is a mother with a sense

of empowerment. Out of a culture of silence, out of their fatalism and apparent docility, out of their self-devaluation and poverty, out of violence, young mothers who have been abandoned on the streets of Santiago, Chile, come to the Refuge of Mercy. At first they feel helpless, but they realize that the conditions that give rise to despair should be changed. At the refuge they are offered counseling, education, and spiritual guidance that will lead them to a new reality of hope and courage.


Since 1927 the Refuge of Mercy has been dedicated to raising the status of adolescent mothers. The goal of the Sisters of Merciful Love is to empower each young mother to recognize her self worth, to nurture and protect her child, and to learn the skills she needs to embrace the future with her child.


When these young women leave the Refuge, they have a sense of inner dignity that cannot be taken away regardless of any oppression or hardship they may face in the future. They develop an inner power and the ability to change the circumstances of their lives.


In collaboration with the Sisters of Most Merciful Love, the Merciful Love Connection supports education, tutoring, and training in parenting and job skills that will help the young mothers thrive when they re-enter society.


The Merciful Love Connection

  • Promotes awareness of the work of the Refuge

  • Gathers resources for the needs of the young families at the Refuge

  • Raises funds for maintenance and improvement of the Refuge buildings

  • Supports education, counseling, and job training for the adolescent mothers

  • Supports programs for infant development

Join us in our mission. We will use every penny as if lives depend on it ~ because they do.