2009 - October 12: The Refuge Shines

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Refuge Before Refuge After


In October 2009, Sister Yvette, the executive director of the Merciful Love Connection, was able to visit the Refuge and saw firsthand the completion of a major project: a remodel of an outdated building. Outside the building, walls that were once weathered and dingy now shine with fresh white paint and blue trim. Inside, thanks to Merciful Love Connection donors, new classrooms for sewing, cosmetology, and child development were created as well as a recreation room for the young mothers. The classrooms hum with activities that mean hope for the future. Donors also provided new beds and mattresses for the girls’ living quarters. To witness the young mothers’ reactions when they discovered the new furniture was priceless. One of the girls gasped in disbelief that people so far away care about them. For many of the girls, essentials such as a bed and mattress are luxuries. Sr. Mari and Sr. Yvette also bought items on Sr. Mari’s “Refuge Wish List”: a music player for the nursery, furniture for the classrooms, games for the recreation room, and a new washer for the winter laundry. Sister Yvette was touched by the way the new dignity of their surroundings raises the young mothers’ self- esteem.


 Google Earth shows the Refuge on a satellite map. You can see the roof shining in the sun! The beautiful work continues. This is the work of our hands.


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