2011 April 8: Earthquake Repairs: The Chapel

The earthquake repairs began on March 7, 2011. Due to the generosity of the Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters, the Donald D. Lynch Foundation, and individual donors, repairs to Jesu Victima, the lovely, aging Refuge chapel, have been completed.


Santiago Perez, the engineer in charge of assessing earthquake damage in the area of the city that includes the Refuge, submitted his formal report to Sister Mari regarding damages to the chapel and repair priorities. The most urgently needed repairs were to the chapel façade; a future earthquake could have brought the street-facing wall toppling into the street. Damage to the bell tower is the next priority but will have to wait until funds are available. The industrious Refuge maintenance crew headed by Juanito did the needed work on the chapel and the city engineer gave it the final inspection.


We are grateful to our friends from far away whose contributions strengthen the Refuge. The much-used and beloved chapel will survive for years to come, thanks to your generosity.  The good work continues.


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