2013 December: Blessings Abound The Worn Out Kitchen is Revived





The dangerous step Thanks to individual donors, the Rotary International and the Haus Ross Foundation, the kitchen renovation is complete.


The well-used and once worn-out kitchen is as busy as ever and the kitchen staff is delighted. The renovation addressed safety concerns and inefficiencies.

Here are the tasks that were accomplished:

  • The once red floor tiles, now black with wear, were replaced.
  • A dangerous step-down that ran the width of the kitchen was removed.Termite-eaten window frames were replaced with new aluminum windows.
  • The exhausted, broken-down industrial stove and oven were repaired.
  • Sagging, dilapidated cabinets were replaced.
  • New plumbing and wiring were installed.
  • The dangerous water heater, with its exposed gas pipes, was transferred to the outside.                                         
  • The deteriorating ceiling was patched.
  • Finally, a coat of paint was applied.


The dangerous step is gone.The kitchen is beautiful. They no longer worry about the step-down behind the sinks because it was removed during the remodel. The old kitchen was always kept clean, but you could not tell because the old red tile floor was blackened by wear.


The staff send its gratitude to all who bring hope and success to the young mothers who find safety at the Refuge of Mercy.