2013- April: Blessings Abound: The Rotary International Will Revive the Worn-out Kitchen

Dear Friends of the Refuge,


We are delighted to announce that The Rotary International, thorough the help of Paula Laschober, has granted funds for the renovation of the well-used and worn-out Refuge kitchen. The kitchen staff works wonders with a tight budget and willing hands, but safety concerns and inefficiencies needed to be addressed.


The Rotary grant will bring the kitchen up to safety codes and complete much-needed repairs of the industrial stove, floor, splash tiles, cabinets and window frames. The renovations will be modest, as have been all of the renovations sought by The Merciful Love Connection; nothing fancy, but each repair made by donors and agencies have added safety and dignity to the buildings that house the Refuge.

 2e replace window frame  32b repair stove  72f  bring electricity and gas up to code

Here is the checklist of tasks ahead:


  • Replace blackened, cracked, uneven floor and backsplash tiles.
  • Replace termite-eaten window frames.
  • Repair broken-down, exhausted, but salvageable industrial-strength stove and oven. Repair and replace sagging, frail, dilapidated cabinets.
  • Remove and embed exposed pipes and electrical wires.
  • Patch and paint the deteriorating ceiling.

Thanks to Rotary International, the common kitchen for the Refuge will become like new.



Sr. Yvette Mallow, OSB