2013 - January: Thanks to The Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters, Buen Trato Continues to Build Social Skills



In 2012 we received a grant from the Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters to pay for two more years of the Buen Trato program. This program brings insight and practical strategies to deal with a thorny problem that has faced the Sisters of Mercy since the Refuge was conceived. That is, the young mothers face hardship and challenges every day of their lives, and because of their experience with abuse and violence, their response to challenges is often angry and fearful. Buen Trato is a

program developed by the University of Santiago that provides counseling and training sessions for the young mothers, age 13-18 who have experienced abuse. The goal of the program is to help the girls build new social strategies that work for them in place of ineffective negative responses that increase conflict. As a result of training by Buen Trato providers, both the young mothers and the Refuge staff are finding new insight and using positive, practical strategies to deal with potential conflict. Staff members report increased energy, confidence, unity of purpose, and increased communication among themselves and also with the young mothers.  The number of negative outbursts from the girls has declined and cooperation among them has increased. The new social skills that the young mothers demonstrate are proving the program’s effectiveness.


Thank you Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters. Your support of this effective and vital program is making a difference in the lives of the young mothers.