2012- Cottages Refurbished

  02 porch before  
 Porch beams rotting from exposure.  
02 poexh diniahws  
 New porch roofs  
 03 chairs  
 Chair cover  is worn out.  

 fotos hogar casitas 015

New chair covers brighten the room.


          01 cassitabefore door 

Moises sees the peeled paint.

fotos hogar casitas 020 a
Kitchenette wall has new varnish

After twelve years of housing adolescent mothers, the living quarters were in dire need of a coat of paint, new

curtains, and repairs. Exposed wood on the porches had started to rot. Paint peeled from the doors. The chair covers were worn out. Sr. Mari saw this as our next priority. 

The young mothers love the freshly painted walls, colorful curtains, repaired doors and furniture. They respond to the serenity and cleanliness of the Refuge by taking more responsibility for their environment. As the girls gain confidence in their abilities and strengths, the staff sees an increase in their confidence and respectful treatment of others.

 Thank you Lynch Family Foundation for partnering with so many individual donors to keep the Refuge in repair. The dignity of the surroundings sends a clear message to these courageous young girls that their dignity is important as well.