2014 - December: Preparation for Independent Living Offers Pathway to Success

  2014 Preparation for V IScarkot y Rosa smaller  

Thanks to the Wyoming Council of Catholic Women and other generous donors, Preparation for Independent Living has become a reality. The young mothers are valiant women even though they are teenagers.  Our goal is to offer them a chance to succeed when they leave the Refuge; in return, they will do the hard work to make it happen. The young mothers are used to coping with day-to-day needs for survival. Planning for the future is a new and hopeful project.


When they turn seventeen, the young mothers who choose to participate in this program may apply for a grant from the Merciful Love Connection. This grant consists of $100 per month for a year. At the end of the year the accumulated amount will be enough to apply for subsidized housing. To obtain the Independent Living grant, they must fulfill tasks each month for a year that require responsibility and planning.

Requirements include the following:


  •  Financial Management

The girls will take part in the “Money 101” class in which they will learn how to open a bank account, how to budget and save money, and how to safeguard the wages that they will earn.


  • School Attendance

The girls will attend their high school or GED classes, complete homework assignments, and achieve passing grades.


  • Housework

The girls will keep their rooms clean and complete assigned chores.


  • Child Care

The girls will attend the parenting and child development classes offered at the Refuge and will take good care of their child.


  •  Social Skills

They will participate in the Buen Trato program which helps them learn alternatives to violence and anger. They will use problem-solving strategies and show respect for their peers and Refuge staff.


These tasks will not be easy as the young mothers try to adopt new ways of getting along and planning ahead. We believe that success is possible.


Every month each participant who fulfill the requirements of Preparation for Independent Living will see her grant increase by $100.  On their eighteenth birthday, participants will be taken to a bank to open a savings account for subsidized housing. The monthly grants can add up to $1,200.00.  The grant can be used only for housing.


At this point the news is even better. The young mothers may stay at the Refuge only until they are eighteen. The Refuge has created a new partnership with Casa Don Bosco. We are blessed that this institute offers shelter and helps young adults find jobs and keep them. Here our young mothers will have continued support in their struggle to succeed outside the refuge. Since Don Bosco supplies food and shelter, the money each young mother earns when they find a job, is placed in a special account for them when they leave.


When our Girls leave Don Bosco they will have a job, a house, and money in the bank!


Dreams don’t come true, . . .  dreams are made true.  

                                    Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawk, Quarterback