2014 - October: Triumph Over Graffiti

Jesus  with mask

Dear Friends of the Refuge,


In Chile a large blank wall is an invitation to scribble graffiti all over it. However, if there is a painting on the wall the graffiti people respect it and do not usually deface the image.  A 90 foot mural that adorns the wall in front of the Refuge on Amengual Street depicts Jesus and his followers.  Painted in 2003, it was a true work of art. However, weather and vandalism took their toll; it was faded, someone painted a black mask on the face of Jesus, and graffiti tags marked it in several places.


TheMural Thank you artist who originally painted the mural graciously consented to oversee a restoration. Several young mothers volunteered to do the work. He arrived on sunny day in November with a big bucket of brushes, and to our surprise, only one large can of white paint, and three pints of primary colors! He was greeted by Sister Yvette and several excited young mothers.  He opened the can of white paint and poured some into plastic cups for the volunteer painters. The first job was to use the white paint to cover the black mask obscuring the face of Jesus and all the other bits of graffiti scattered on the once-lovely mural. 

Each one of us were given a different color and assigned the job of restoring all the parts of the mural that needed the color of paint in our cup. As the volunteers returned with their cups, which still contained a small amount of leftover paint, our artist took each cup and mixed another color.  He was able to mix every color we needed from only three colors of paint!  Mural finishedWe painted for four hours. We started in daylight and finished in the dark.  Everyone was very happy. Working together created results that cannot be seen, but deeply felt. I knew that the day's task would be long remembered when one young mother said, "When my baby grows up I will bring him here and tell him that I helped paint this!”

Thanks to our donors, the Refuge continues to thrive.



Sr. Yvette Mallow