Gladis and Lissette

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   Gladis and Lisette    




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Gladis and Lisette 2013


My name is Gladis and my little girl is Lisette

I came to the Refuge when I was three months pregnant.  My stay in the Refuge was satisfying.

 I was able to share with other persons in my same situation

As the time past my gratitude grew and my baby grew in my womb.

Within the Hogar there is a nursery, where I could go and there learn how to treat my baby.

 The “Aunt” in charge of the nursery helped me in everything in the way she treated the babies.  At last the time came of 9 months of pregnancy.  My little girl was born and I named her Lissette. When I left the hospital and came back to the Hogar with my new born infant, I could feel the help of everyone who worked in the Hogar.  Thus the time passed and when my baby was 9 months old I left the Hogar.

 Now I am living with the great grandmother of the baby’s dad.  In the Hogar they taught me everything I need to face life with my child.