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Founded in 2005, the Merciful Love Connection supports the work of the Sisters of Most Merciful Love at the Refuge of Mercy. The Refuge is a home for adolescent mothers in Santiago Chile. The Sisters founded this refuge in 1927 to address the unmet needs of adolescent mothers who, along with their infants, were abandoned on the streets. The Sisters spend their resources on the mother in the belief that a strong mother will raise a strong child. If a young mother elects adoption, she may work with an adoption program so that she will be psychologically ready to relinquish her parental rights and, if she chooses, can meet the adoptive parents. 


Most of the young women who seek refuge are victims of rape or incest. They are offered counseling to cope with the trauma they have experienced. They also receive spiritual guidance, the opportunity to finish grade or high school, and to learn personal, parenting, and job skills. The number one goal of the Merciful Love Connection is to support the young mothers by investing in the future of the Refuge.Danielle y Sebastian 2008


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