2014: Mural, Salon Repainted and Repaired 
2013: Kitchen Remodeled
2012: Cottages Refurbished

2010-2011: Earthquake repair

.2007- 2010 Refuge Receives a Total Transformation

Thanks to generous benefactors, the last tile was put in place. 


2006-December: Sea Of Mud Is Conquered

The ground was uneven, and several young mothers and staff members fell in the slippery mud. 


2006-January: Warm Water Flows Again At the Scrubbing Boards

The laundry was neglected in favor of pressing needs for food, electricity, and heat from kerosene bottles.


2005- February: Wheels and Bulletin boards

Our hands shook as we counted out the pesos. 


2000- Spring: An Institution Transformed Into a Home

In 1927, The Sisters of Most Merciful Love welcomed forty young mothers to the Refuge and provided safe living quarters in the dormitory. In 2000, new cottages transformed the institution into a home. The new setting helps the young mothers form bonds that give them strength and confidence.