Ongoing Projects: Deciphering Future Success

When the new computer room was modernized in Phase III of the renovation, a program for learning English called Rosetta Stone was installed. Because bilingual skills are sought in the work world, the young mothers spend hours studying English as well as computer skills.


The young mothers are also encouraged to attend a local high school or vocational school. The Refuge, with the help of the Merciful Love Connection, funds tutors to help the young mothers finish their studies. Some of the young mothers have had no access to an elementary school education and need help to learn to read. When they become literate, they often make up for lost time by accomplishing more than one grade of schoolwork in only one academic year.


When Phase IV of the renovation was complete, three more classrooms became available. The classes for cosmetology and sewing help the young mothers to find jobs.


The Infant Stimulation Program encourages the development of the intellect of the child and also encourages an essential bond between mother and infant. Once the mother-infant bond is established, it is not easily broken. Early stimulation also reduces the infant’s chance of later difficulties in school. The program is an important step in breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse.