Welcome to the Refuge of Mercy. Take a virtual tour to see what working together can do to support a brighter future for the young mothers and their children who take refuge here.


  • 2015:  Merciful Love Connection Celebrates 10 Years of Beautiful Work  (View)
  • 2015: Tour the Refuge (View)
  • 2014: Triumph over Grafitti (View)
  • 2013: Kitchen Revived (View)
  • 2009: New Cottages, Now New Beds (View)
  • 2009: Old Dormitory Given New Life (View)
  • 2008: New Roof New Life  (View)
  • 2007-2010: Remodel Refuge -  see "Completed Projects:  2007-2010:Remodel Refuge"
  • 2007: Water Flows Again At the Scrubbing Boards  (View)
  • 2006: A New Sidewalk Conquers The Sea Of Mud (View)



Since 1927, adolescent mothers have found shelter and friendship at the Refuge. The averge age of the girls is fourteen and the average stay is one year. Given support and encouragement, it is amazing what these courageous young mothers can accomplish.