Increased Services Help the Young Mothers

House Mother

The Merciful Love Connection provides a housemother for the residents of the new apartment. The young mothers who need extra time at the Refuge learn independent living skills and are supported with counseling services as they make the transition from the Refuge to living on their own with their child.


Christian Formation and Values

A Christian Formation and Values class is be available to all the young mothers not only to prepare for baptism of their infants but to help the young mothers find their source of spiritual strength to face the future with confidence.


Welcome Packages

The welcome packages, a gift of necessities for the pregnant adolescent girls, are a tradition begun several years ago by Sister Yvette and Merciful Love Connection volunteers. The welcome packages are so helpful in making the young mothers feel reassured and valued when they first arrive at the Refuge that the tradition will continue if funds allow. Some of the young mothers come to the Refuge with no possessions except for the clothes they are wearing. Each young mother is given towels, a set of eating utensils, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and items for her infant. The dignity that the simple items bestow is a first step toward realizing their self-worth. 


Money 101 course

A new program, “Money 101”, is a course that will teach the young mothers how to handle money, how to set up a bank account, and how to budget and save. Each graduate of the class will be awarded a “Parachute Fund”, which is an emergency backup fund of $200 that is deposited in each graduate’s account as she leaves the refuge.


School Uniforms and Supplies

In order to attend public school, the young mothers must have access to school uniforms and school supplies. The Merciful Love Connection is providing these necessities so the girls can continue their education.


Emergency Health Fund

Funds for the young mothers’ urgent health needs are very limited.  The government contributes the equivalent of less than ten dollars a day for each mother at the Refuge; when government funds are used, the girls go without. The Merciful Love Connection is providing a fund to be used in case of health emergencies.