03 Success Stories Feb 18 09 html b95f422 TNJulia’s mother was a prostitute. She took Julia to Argentina when Julia was a young girl and left her in an orphanage there. When Julia became pregnant, the directors of the home did not want Julia's baby to be born on Argentine soil: Julia was Chilean; Chile would have to take her in. They sent her by airplane to Santiago. The police picked her up at the airport and brought the terrified girl to the Refuge.


At the time, Julia had attended school only through the second grade. She barely knew how to read and could not tell time. In spite of numerous disadvantages, in the safety and kindness found at the Refuge, she completed grades three through eight, six full years of schooling, in only two years. She then attended sewing school. Her first paying job was to make curtains for all the bedrooms in the refuge. Her son, Jon, was a robust and lively four-year-old When Julia left the refuge.