Our Mission and Vision

Our VisionEsperanza and Baby Tomas

The Merciful Love Connection envisions a world that embraces the intrinsic value of life and cultivates dignity by providing all children with a safe, healthy, and secure environment that enables them to reach their God-given potential. We envision a world where every child is free from gender discrimination and from physical, emotional, and sexual violence.



Our Mission

In collaboration with the Refuge of Mercy in Santiago Chile, The Merciful Love Connection funds programs that help the adolescent mother embrace life with her child.  The Merciful Love Connection promotes awareness of the Refuge and gathers resources and financial support to meet the needs of the Refuge.


How We Accomplish Our Mission

Support the needs of the young mothers

Education: By supporting their education, we strengthen the young mothers’ ability to provide a future for themselves and their child. We offer:


  • Develop the mother/child bond

  • Develop infant intelligence

  • Computer training classes

  • Jobs skills programs

  • Academic tutoring

  • "Buen Trato" (Break the cycle of violence)

  • Counseling

  • Anger management and self-esteem programs

  • Christian Formation courses

  • Health services
  • Preparation for Independent Living

support the needs of the refuge

Maintenance: By funding repairs and renovations of the eighty-year-old buildings, we ensure the future of the Refuge and enhance the dignity of the residents.  Projects include:


  • Increasing the capacity of the Refuge from twenty to twenty-four residents

  • Replacing leaky, damaged roofs

  • Solving safety issues

  • Installing sidewalks

  • Upgrading laundry facilities

  • Remodeling classrooms, living quarters, and a recreation room

  • Providing efficient spaces for staff to work with the young mothers

  • Replacing dilapidated furniture, beds, and mattresses

  • Refurbishing paint, plumbing, and wiring

  • Building a new bathroom


By promoting awareness of the work of the Refuge, the Merciful Love Connection helps break the cycle of violence and poverty. Our activities include:


  • Outreach to local communities
  • News letters
  • The Merciful Love Connection web site
  • Fund Raising
  • Applications to philanthropic organizations for grants