09 Yvette  newborn

The Best News of All: Safe Delivery

Sr. Yvette with Refuge Newborn

Since 1990, Sister Yvette Mallow, a Benedictine nun, has inspired American donors to support the Refuge of Mercy in Santiago, Chile. From 2005 to the present, the Merciful Love Connection  helps raise awareness of the work of the Refuge. 


2015 - October:  Merciful Love Connection Celebrates 10 Years


2015 - January:  Pamela Receives The First  Grant for Independent Living


2014 - December: Preparation for Independent Living Offers Pathway to Success


2014 - October: Triumph Over Graffiti


2014 - September: Sr. Yvette Accepts the WCCW 2014 Mary's Fund


2013 - December:  Blessings Abound The Worn-out Kitchen is Revived 


2013 - September: Mary's Fund: Hope for the Future


2013- April: Blessings Abound: The Rotary International Revives the Worn-out Kitchen


2013-March: Good News on Top of good News:  The Lynch Family Foundation Refurbishes the Young Mothers’ Living Quarters


2013-January: Good news from Our Second Annual Fundraiser: Donors Make the Future Brighter


2013 January:More Good News: Thanks to The Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters, Buen Trato Continues to Build Social Skills


2012-March: The 2012 Reunion Renews Our Strength


2011-July-12:  Blessings
2011-March-10:  A Pathway Out of Violence   
2011-April-08:  Earthquake Repairs: the Chapel 


2010-August-20: Goal Accomplished: Generous Hearts Instill Hope 
2010-July- 12: Friends of the Refuge are a Match for the Mighty Earthquake  
2010-Feb-27: Earthquake Strikes the Refuge


2009 - October 12: The Refuge Shines 


2008-July-20:  Sister Mari's wish


2008-July-23: Refuge Buildings Are Refitted to Survive Another Century


2008-Oct-8: 1927 Historic Building Given New Life


2006-Feb-16: Northwest Nun Sows Hope


2006-August: Hope For Unwed Adolescent Mothers