Ongoing Projects 2013

Ongoing Projects 2013: Necessities and Dreams2012 11 portraits  41


The Merciful Love Connection continues to provide necessities:


  • The Parenting and Infant Development Program that creates mother-child bonds and stimulates the intelligence of the child
  • Buen Trato, a program developed by the University of Santiago that is breaking the cycle of violence and neglect
  • The Christian Values Program that helps the young mothers realize the God-given strengths within them
  • School supplies that enable the young mothers to continue their education
  • Tutors for the young mothers who desperately want to learn to read and write, or accelerate their progress in school
  • Emergency funds for the young mothers’ health care needs
  • Computer classes for the young mothers that build vital skills for good jobs

As for the dreams, in collaboration with Sister Mari and the Refuge staff, we are working on them too:


  • Repairing and repainting the young mothers’ common living room
  • Purchasing a new table and chairs for the common living room
  • Refurbishing the young mothers’ living quarters, including

repairing earthquake cracks

repairing and repainting damaged doors and walls

repainting interior walls

repairing furniture and curtains

removing rotting boards and roof of porch

painting a protective varnish on wood siding and porch


  • Providing an urgently needed remodel of the well-used kitchen that has provided sustenance for many young mothers for more than eighty years. The remodel will include: Infant stimulation

new flooring to replace the worn red tiles that are now black and broken with use

repairs for the damaged but sturdy industrial stove and oven and its sagging shelves

new insulation and ceiling tile for the dilapidated ceiling

replacement of the cracked backsplash tiles over the sink

replacement of termite-eaten window frames

replacement and repair of worn cupboards

purchase of a much-needed refrigator

application of new, fresh paint


  • Developing a Money 101 course for the young mothers in preparation for leaving the Refuge The course will help them learn how to open a personal bank account, balance a checkbook, prepare a budget, and save money.