Ongoing Projects: Realities and Dreams

Ongoing Projects: Realities And Dreams 2015


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The Merciful Love Connection continues to provide necessities that will help the young mothers and their child survive when they leave the Refuge. We  continue to support the following programs:

  • Buen Trato - This program developed by the University of Santiago is offered for the yourng mothers who  want to learn ways to break the cycle of violence and neglect in their lives. As a result, the Refuge social worker reports greater problem-solving and fewer incidents of aggression.
  • Christian Values Program - The young mothers gain self-confidence and and awareness of the God-given strengths within them. 
  • Education -  The young mothers have access to tutors and supplies to help them succeed in school. In 2014  one young mother learned to read and four girls graduated from high school.
  • Medical Emergency Funds - the Merciful Love Connection provides for medical needs not covered by the Chilean Social Services.
  •  Infant Stimulation Program - This program is a vital part of Refuge life. It was begun in 1989 by Sr. Yvette and funded by the Merciful Love Connection from 2005 to 2014. In recognition of its effectiveness, the Chilean Social Services  now funds this important program which strengthens  mother-child bonds and stimulates the intelligence of the child.  The Merciful Love Connection will continue to advocate for the program.





 As for the dreams we are working on them too. They include:


  • Repairing a leaking roof above the main social room - We accomplished our dream of painting the social room. As we were painting, we discovered a leak in the roof! The roof needs to be repaired before the rainy season.
  • Implementing  a grant for subsidized housing- On their seventeenth birthday, the young mothers may apply for a grant for subsidized housing. In order to receive the grant they must participate in our new "Preparation for Independent Living" course which will prepares them for leaving the Refuge. The program will include a  course in managing finances.  Participants will learn how to open a personal bank account, balance a checkbook, prepare a budget, and save money. Applicants for the program agree to fulfill responsibilities that include providing quality care for their child, attending school, taking the parenting and social skills classes, keeping their quarters clean, and using respectful social interactions. When the young mothers turns eighteen they will be able to apply for subsidized housing with the grant they have earned.
  • Starting a Dance program for both mothers and children - The program is not only fun, it also develops important social skills and a closer mother child bond.
2013-2014: Ongoing Projects


2005-2012: Deciphering Future Success

Education, tutoring, and infant development classes bring new hope and determination.


2005-2012 Increased Services Help the Young Mothers Thrive

Welcome Packages and Christian Formation Classes bolster confidence.


With the support of generous donors, the courageous young mothers of the Refuge find their strength.