Projects: Together We Accomplish Our Goals. Thank You.


Bob Laing pictures 08 chile The Merciful Love Connection dedicates itself to improving the lives of adolescent mothers who come to the Refuge of Mercy in Santiago, Chile.  In 2006, working with Sister Mari, the director of the Refuge, we planned for the future. First we renovated the 1927 Refuge buildings,  bringing them up to safety codes and ensuring their usefulness for many years.  We continue the updating and renovating of the buildings.


We continue to focus on education and services that will enable the young mothers to become wage earners and nurturing parents. Projects are undertaken in stages according to the most urgent needs. We support the work of the Refuge through grants, generous donation from churches, and more than three hundred contributing individuals.





Completed Projects

Read about and view our completed projects. The images capture the Refuge at work.


Ongoing Projects

Read about and view our ongoing projects. The images capture our hopes for the future and the spirit of the Refuge.