Success Stories

The blessing of the Refuge is hope in a hopeless situation. I am inspired by the courage of the young mothers and touched by their stories. I am encouraged by the programs the Refuge provides and am moved by the way the young mothers help one another. I am amazed by how much these young women can accomplish with so little, and by the wisdom of the Sisters who have been finding ways to support the young mothers since 1927.


The following are the stories of a few young women who, like the others who have come to the Refuge before and after them, fill us with optimism for the future. Also included are the stories of two matriarchs who show us that acceptance and love truly do work miracles. The Merciful Love Connection continues to invest in the future of the Refuge so that others like Carolyn, Filomena, Alicia, Julia, and their children may be given a chance not only to survive, but to thrive.


Sr. Yvette Mallow

Founder of The Merciful Love Connection

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 Gladis and Lissette        


The Refuge changed my life.  The Tias taught me how to care for and educate Lisette.(Read More)





alvaro 2003 and mom

Filomena and Alvaro

Filomena was determined to keep her toddler with her. Culinary school was the answer. (read more)

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Carolyn and Laura

“Sister, do you remember me?” (read more)

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“What if they don’t want me to come back?” (read more)

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Frightened and abandoned, Julia finds hope. (read more)

          Gabriela and son  

I came to the Refuge when I was fifteen years old and two months pregnant. Sr. Elsa welcomed me. (read more)

          Irene and mom  

I will never forget the Sister who came to the door, wearing a white starched habit and offering a welcoming smile.  (read more)


Roxanne sought shelter at the Refuge in 1999 when she found that she was pregnant as a result of incest. (read more)