Volunteers In Action

Dricci Dianna Maria Fernanda 0601In 2005, the idea to organize a wider group of people who shared our charism for the Refuge began with a few people and the generosity of many donors. The Merciful Love Connection was founded on October 11, 2005 when the first board members received a letter from the IRS stating that they were a tax-exempt 501-c-3 organization. This official recognition was a new beginning for volunteers and donors in the United States and England who support the work of the Sisters of the Congregation of Most Merciful Love at the Refuge of Mercy in Santiago, Chile. The Refuge is a home for teenage mothers who have nowhere to go and little or no help from family. The goal of the Merciful Love Connection is to support the young mothers and insure the future of the Refuge by funding ongoing education programs and maintenance and repair of the Refuge buildings. The board of Directors consists of a group of volunteers who share the charism of the Sisters of Most Merciful Love. They, with our donors and supporters, are a part of this new beginning. The following are stories of the first volunteers to accompany Sr. Yvette Mallow to the Refuge


2005: Volunteers Begin a Tradition

During a Month-long Mission to the Refuge Bob and Christine, the first volunteers from the Merciful Love Connection, lend a hand. They fall in love with the Sisters for the simplicity of their lives and the beauty of their work. The connection blossoms.  (read more)


2006: A Volunteer Leaves Her Heart in Chile

Deanna Taylor, finds ways to bolster the young mother’s’ self-esteem. (read more)


2007: A Volunteer Finds Surprises When He Inspects the Roof

Bill Lehtinen, the president of the Merciful Love Connection, sees firsthand the work ahead.

(read more)


2008: A Young Volunteer and Her Mom Form Strong Bonds With the Teen-age Mothers

Catherine, a teen-age volunteer, finds new friends in a foreign land. Her mom sets an example. Bob Laing supports the education of the young mothers. (read more)