2006, 2009 Sidewalk, Laundry, Beds and Mattresses

   2006 a Sidewalk before  In order to reach the common dining room and the main walkway, the mothers walk across a courtyard. Every year the torrential winter rains turn the dirt in the courtyard into a sea of mud. Mud was tracked into the hall and classrooms; it was tracked into the bedrooms; it was tracked everywhere. Valiant efforts to keep the mud at bay were futile. The frequently used path between the refuge buildings was slick and the footing treacherous. Several of the young mothers and staff fell in the slippery clay.  
2002 A Sea of Mud    

2006 b Sidewalk after

2006 A New Sidewalk


  Sister Mary saw the necessity for a sidewalk that would connect the new building with the old and provide safety for the mothers and their babies. The Merciful Love Connection made a new sidewalk a priority.Through the generosity of benefactors, a lovely sidewalk now conquers the sea of mud, adding safety and beauty to the courtyard and surroundings  
2006 Laundry before

2006 Laundry

The girls’ laundry was built in 1927. It consists of a small building that houses a bank of cement sinks where the young mothers use a scrub brush and board to  wash their clothes. At one time, a fireplace at one end of the laundry burned wood to heat water to wash the clothes,the girls washed their clothes and their babies’ clothes in cold water. The walls and ceiling were marred from eighty years of soot. The electrical wiring was in a dangerous state of disrepair, the windows hung from their hinges, the glass panes long since broken, and years had passed since the walls had seen a fresh coat of paint. The ceiling was never finished. You could see the tin roof through the rafters. The tin roof had no insulation. The outside, too, showed the ravages of time.




   9 visitors pleased    A grant from the Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters transformed the bleak laundry. The stucco walls on the exterior were repaired and painted. A new ceiling was installed and insulated; the electrical wiring was brought up to code; the drainage system and faucets were repaired; broken glass panes in the windows were replaced; the broken door was exchanged for a sturdy one; and a new doorway was created so that the mothers could access the outdoor clothesline. The next step was to wash the soot off the inside walls and paint. Last, inside clotheslines were built and the outside clotheslines were repaired.
 Laundry 2006    
2007 Laundry after 06   The lovely new ceiling provides protection from winters cold and summers heat, the new windows open and shut, new paint brightens the walls, and the girls can exit to the clothesline instead of tracking around the building with an armload of wash.





2009 New Mattresses and Beds


          2009 old bed            2009 new matresses
 Old Beds