2005 Bulletin Boards and New Van

In 2005 our goals were to update the computer classroom, set up a practice room, and buy new printers for the computer classroom,. Donations and grants gave us the money for education programs for the girls, uniforms and school supplies, and printers. Though we had been working on purchasing a van for the Sisters for almost 4 years, this year there were too many other pressing needs and the van would have to wait another year. But Christine, a volunteer (and a banker) figured out that we could buy the van if we used the tax money that the Sisters would get back from the van.!


We all went to the Hyundai dealer to talk about the new van. Mr. Hyundai set the delivery date for Feb 18-25. I had never written a check so large in all my life. My stomach quivered, my hands shook, and my mind raced “Do we really have that much money in the bank?” Christine assured me that we did, and that it would be all right. I wrote the check for $10,000 and Sister Silvia brought the other $10,000 from their bank account! Her hands, too, shook as she counted out the money. A dream of four years nears reality! A few days later Mr. Hyundai called to say that the exact model of the van was in their showroom if we’d like to see it. Would we like to see it!!! We were even treated to a ride around the parking lot! The van seats twelve passengers but the seats looked big enough to accommodate five people instead of four in each seat. We held an impromptu party to celebrate! The van was delivered on Feb 20th!


Another rewarding experience included seeing the looks on the young mother’s faces when we built bulletin boards for each bedroom. The young mothers, like all teenagers around the world, like to personalize their living spaces. They pinned up photos and art cut from magazines, and when they left the Refuge, would take the pages with them to have something familiar in their new surroundings. The problem was, the paint would be pulled off the walls as well. The young mothers love the big bulletins boards with space to decorate as they please, and the paint stays fresh and lovely for the next residents.


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Sr.Yvette's and Sr. Edith's hands shook when they paid for the van. The all purpose van serves the refuge well. Here Sr. Mari is using the van for construction supplies.