Where Your Money Goes

Repairs and Maintenance At the Refuge

The 1927 Refuge buildings have been repaired and updated to provide safety and dignity. A sidewalk has conquered the rainy season’s sea of mud. The new bathroom provides warm showers for the grateful young mothers and the new laundry provides a cheery place to take care of a never-ending chore. The housing for the young mothers is filled to capacity and the nursery, vocational workshops, study rooms, recreation center and staff offices are humming with activity. The Merciful Love Connection supports the continuing maintenance of the buildings to ensure that they continue to serve the work of the Refuge far into the future.


Increased Capacity

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Mother and Infant Learning Together

The Merciful Love Connection sponsored a new apartment that has the capacity to house four young mothers who have no family network and need more refuge than the usual year’s stay. The apartment provides a safe place for them to live with their toddler while the mothers continue their high school or elementary education and job training programs that help them achieve a successful transition into the outside world. The new apartment frees four more rooms for pregnant adolescents who desperately need shelter for themselves and their unborn infant. The Merciful Love Connection continues to provide maintenance and staffing for the new apartment.


Christian Values Course

The young mothers at the Refuge may choose to participate in a Christian values course that includes preparation for the baptism of their child and preparation for life as they re-enter society. The Merciful Love Connection continues to provide teacher salaries for the course.




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Determined to Catch up in School; Thank You for Your Help

Computer Teacher and Tutor

Since 2005, the Merciful Love Connection has provided a computer teacher and a reading tutor for the young mothers. The teacher and tutor salaries are ongoing expenses. Many of the young mothers come to the Refuge with little education; some have not yet learned to read. The tutor helps the young girls catch up in school. The computer instructor conducts workshops that offer hope for good jobs for the young mothers.


House Mother

The Merciful Love Connection plans to provide an additional housemother to mentor and support the young mothers in the new apartment.


Parachute Fund

When the young mothers leave the Refuge to re-enter society with their child, they have taken great strides. They have begun to learn job skills and are becoming nurturing parents. Leaving the Refuge is a scary step. The Merciful Love Connection hopes to support them in their efforts by providing a course titled Money 101, which includes an emergency “Parachute Fund” of $200 for each young mother who completes the course. During the course they learn how to open a bank account, balance a checkbook, create a budget, and find ways to save a portion of the money they earn. Every graduate of the class will receive the Parachute Fund to deposit in their bank account for emergencies 


Welcome Packages

The young mothers come to the refuge from conditions of extreme poverty. Some have no belongings to call their own except for the clothes they are wearing when they seek shelter. The welcome packages put together by the Merciful Love Connection provide practical items such as a set of eating utensils, a toothbrush and toothpaste, two towels, and a change of clothing for the young mother and for her infant. The girls are astonished that people from so far away care about them. The positive effect on the young mothers’ self esteem is profound.


Tuition Assistance for Staff

In 2006 The Merciful Love Connection provided tuition for Sister Mary Farias, the new director of the Refuge, for a college class in administration. Sister Mari uses the insights everyday. As a new generation of staff continues the work of the Refuge, ongoing education is essential.


Breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse

Because of donations to the Merciful Love Connection, programs like “Buen Trato-No Violence are helping the young mothers overcome the effects of violence and abuse. The Merciful Love Connection hopes to continue its sponsorship of programs like Buen Trato. Costs include salaries of professional program facilitators who conduct bi-monthly sessions with the young mothers.  The program is monitored and developed for the Refuge by the University of Santiago.


School Supplies and School Uniforms

Public schools in Santiago require the students to wear uniforms and bring supplies with them when they attend school. The Merciful Love Connection helps fill this important need. The young mothers are often behind in grade level, but many of the girls make up more than one year of school in the


Health Care

Funds are scarce at the Refuge and used wisely in the interests of the girls and their child. Funds supplied by the state are often insufficient to cover medical emergencies and treatments that the girls need. The Merciful Love Connection offers emergency funds for health care.


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